Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The holidays are always a busy time for the studio.

Last week I photographed 19 members of the Tampa law firm of Danahy & Murray P.A. Pepito Masterpiece Portraits had previously done work for someone in the firm who, in turn, suggested that we photograph all the attorneys individually.

Not only was it a great session, lasting about three-and-a-half hours, but it was combined with a little holiday get-together with the members exchanging gifts. Chef Stephan and his partner, Barbara, prepared some delicious hors d'oeuvres for everybody to munch on during the session.

It’s always a great affair when office groups come to the studio to have individual portraits taken. It’s a social event with no comparison. If your office or group would like to have us make a very special photographic experience for you and your office or organization, please call us to schedule a portrait session.

Florida’s New Attorney General

Pam Bondi, a Temple Terrace native and former prosecutor with the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office, came to the studio last week to have her official portrait taken. Yes, Pam will be sworn in next month as Florida’s new attorney general, having won that post in a statewide runoff election last month.

We are very proud to have been selected by her representative, Adam Goodman, to make the portrait. We had taken portraits of Mr. Goodman’s family recently and he was so pleased with them that he brought his client, Pam, to us for her official photographs.

We spent several hours working to get the best images possible. Chef Stephan was once again on hand to keep everybody in fancy finger foods and delicious beverages to make the portrait session a relaxing and memorable experience. We salute Pam and wish her luck in her new, very important office and that her and Adam for selecting me to make her official portrait.

Featured on WFLA NewsChannel Eight…

Gayle Guyardo and her cameraman, Scott, stopped by the studio this morning to work on a feature for broadcast later this month on Tampa businesses that do special things for special people during the holidays. The station learned of our work with the Pediatric Cancer Foundation for photographs taken of children who have the debilitating disease. One woman, who lost a photograph I had taken of her daughter who had since passed away due to cancer, was interviewed. We replaced the photograph which was destroyed along with her home four months ago.

Some scenes of a portrait session will be featured and I will say a few words about the worthy charities I work with during the year. Of course, as every year we will be taking holiday portraits on Christmas day at Metropolitan Ministries of Tampa. The organization provides temporary housing for families in need and we photograph individuals and families staying there who wish a holiday portrait and provide them at no cost to them.

The executive director of the One-Voice Foundation, Mary Ann Massolio, was also present while the story was being taped.

The television feature will be shown during morning Today Show cut-ins and the 5p.m. news programs on WFLA-TV sometime between Christmas and New Years Day. If we get an exact day and time, we'll post it on the blog.

A Star in our Midst…

Catherine Parks, a veteran actress who has been featured in numerous feature films and television shows, came to the studio to have some special masterpiece photographs taken for an upcoming episodic feature she’s pitching to the television networks.

Catherine, who was Miss Florida in 1977 and third runner-up in the Miss America Pageant that year, has been working nearly four years in writing and producing the initial pilot about Tampa and its colorful past, mafia and all.

We are so happy she was extremely pleased with the results of our photographic session and we’ll keep you posted on the success of her proposed network program.


Too all of our clients and friends throughout the Tampa Bay area and the country, we wish you the grandest of holidays and send our very best for a joyous and prosperous NEW YEAR!!!

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